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MIZCO believes good communication is key to a good working culture.  Communicating clearly and effectively leads to boost in productivity. Hence MIZCO has developed its policies, procedures and work environment to create a channel for any employee to easily communicate with the top management. Top management also communicates with employees in different modes so that a clear, concise, concrete, correct, coherent and complete information is passed though. This communication system has led to a high retention rate of employees in the company. Do you want to be a part of the company that sets the benchmark?


With a highly skilled experienced team, MIZCO provides mentoring to new and existing employees. The organisational knowledge is shared among the employees. MIZCO constantly looks for different ways to train our employees to develop their skillset.


MIZCO understands the current demands of work, which gives rise to burnouts and mental illnesses. If left unchecked, these can affect teamwork, morale and loss in productivity.  By providing free Employee Assistance Program to employees and their immediate family members, MIZCO ensures the employees are healthy physically and mentally.

MIZCO is looking for new Team Members who are experienced in the following

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Mechanical Engineer

Electrical Engineer


Trainee BMS Technician

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